SUPER SHOX for Dyna's, Baggers and sportsters


Don't Sweat the Bumps

Ready to finally get the smooth ride you deserve? Install our new SR1 series motorcycle shock specifically engineered for Harley-Davidson FLH, FLT, FXD and XL models and you’ll find yourself smiling when you hit that bump that use to jolt you off of the seat. Super Shox eat the small bumps and tame the big hits!

Cruise with confidence on every road surface and condition you encounter, knowing you have a superior level of stability and control approaching curves and corners.

Advanced damping keeps your tire planted on the road and the adjustable ride height (ride height is adjustable for Baggers) gives you the ride you want.

We challenge you to test the difference. There is no risk 30-day money back guarantee! It’s your ride. What are you waiting for?

Suspension tuning is a compromise between plush and bottoming resistance and Super Shox has made that gap as wide as possible to give you the smoothest ride on any road surface and condition you encounter.

1. Spherical Bearings

High performance race quality Spherical Bearings have a PTFE Lined race with an Alloy Steel Hardened and Chrome Plated Ball for bind free long life suspension movement. These bearings allow the suspension to move freely which allows the shock to better do it’s job of keeping the rider isolated from all the little road irregularities that otherwise would be transferred to the rider.

2. Calibrated Scale

A unique Super Shox feature that makes setting up rider sag and minor adjustments as simple as can be. The scale goes from 1 to 10 with 1/2 setting increments so you can easily see where you’re at and make both shocks exactly the same. To set rider sag, Super Shox provides an Initial Pre-load Settings Chart that will guide you to a setting number based on rider weight

3. 3. Easy-to-turn Adjustment Collar

The easy to grip and turn adjustment collar makes initial set up and fine tuning a simple task. The collar is easy to turn without tools so you can make quick adjustments to fine tune your ride. If your feeling small road heaves or little bumps feel sharp just turn the collar 1/4-1/2 turn softer. If your feeling big hits that give you a kick in the seat turn the collar 1/2-1 turn stiffer.

4. Dust Cover

The dust cover keeps the threads protected and clean so that adjustments are smooth and easy for many years to come.

5. Monotube, Separated Gas Chamber Design

A true high performance mono tube shock with deflective disc valving and a separated gas chamber delivers precise control, accurate valvings and long life and is completely serviceable. All shocks are dyno tested, serial numbered and saved in our system. Each shock has to match our quality requirements for valving performance before it is ready to ship.

6. CNC Machined 6061

Made in USA from aircraft quality 6061 solid aluminum bar. Every metal part is CNC machined on state of the art equipment that produces parts with tight tolerances and excellent surface finishes producing a true high quality shock with long life and incredible performance.

7. Sealed O-Ring

The adjustment collar is sealed with an O-ring to keep lubrication on the threads and dirt out for long life and trouble free adjustment.

8. Springs to Suit Rider Weight

The job of the spring is to support the weight of the bike and riders so as rider weight varies we have different spring rates to suit the rider best. So you get what you need not some off the shelf one size fits all combination.

9. Engineered Bumper

Your going to hit a big hole or bump and the shock is going to bottom out and we have a solution that minimizes those hits with a engineered bumper designed to take those big hits so you don’t.

**Super Shox now offers the SR1 Custom Series of rear shock absorbers. Riders can select a custom spring color or finish along with a custom color shock body or finish for an over the top customized look and ride.

All orders for the SR1 Custom Series require payment at time of order and have an expected delivery date of up to 6 weeks from date of order. (this is estimated time frame for CUSTOMIZED shocks, BLACK/CONTRAST or BLACK are NOT considered custom options)

Please contact us for SR1 Custom Series pricing.

Custom Anodized Shock Body Color

Riders can select from one of the following options:
• Black (Standard)
• Chrome
• Anodized Red
• Anodized Gunmetal Gray
• Anodized Blue
• Anodized Purple

We are currently offering the anodized colors to the right for the shock bodies. Please select the color that best matches your or your customer’s preference.

PLEASE NOTE: The images are a representation of the anodizing color options. Images shown with chrome or black springs, but can be made to order.


Suggested retail price is $650.00.

What is the warranty?

There is a 30 day money back guarantee. So you can buy with confidence, we are absolutely positive that once you have experienced the ride with Super Shox you will be questioning why you did not do this sooner. All our shocks carry a limited lifetime warranty for the repair of any manufactures defect for the life of the product. Damage caused by misuse, improper installation, or use beyond the designed intention of the shock are not covered by the warranty.
Where are Super Shox made?

All Super Shox are manufactured, assembled and tested in our facility in Grayslake Illinois. We are proud to say Made in the USA.
What style of shock are Super Shox?

Super Shox are gas assist mono tube shocks built using similar internal parts as our high performance line of racing shocks.
What are Super Shox made from?

Super Shox are manufactured out of aircraft grade aluminum with anodized finish. The mounting points have spherical bearings for bind free movement and long life.